East India

An Eccentric Mix of Attractions!
East India

No matter where do you reside, it is a wonderful idea to relax and go on vacation in life! It is best to plan your travel to a destination that can live up to your expectations in terms of preferences. How about travelling to East India accompanying your friends and family? Well, the destination has so much to offer.  Lying in the eastern part of India, it encompasses states like West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and the seven eastern states. This region has enchanting natural beauty that lies in far-stretched tea farm, gushing waterfalls and sprawling monuments. It has also served as a pilgrimage center for Buddha and Jain pilgrims. Being the only classical dance and music in Eastern India, Odissi dance and music has gained it recognition around the world.

Let’s unfold the beauty of East India.

The state is considered as "The Land of Buddha" which speaks of its rich cultural heritage. A number of ancient monuments are dotted all around the state. Bihar holds religious significance too. It has the sites of Bodhgaya, Nalanda and Sitamarhi. People from different religious backgrounds love to explore the religious sites of the state. The state still holds the old world charm and boasts of cultural richness.

Popularly known as the, ‘The Land of Forests’ is truly a heaven for nature enthusiasts. The unmatched charm can be witnessed in its scenic waterfalls, majestic hills, lush greenery. The tribal population safeguards nature at its best. This is the perfect place to enjoy a rendezvous with nature. Ranchi falls, Jamshedpur, Deoghar, Hajaribagh and Netarhat are the popular places to visit here.

It is now known as Odisha a land with rich history. Lying on the east coast of India, Orissa reveals the beauty of lakes and rivers. The culturally rich state offers classical music and Odissi dance. Jagannath Temple, the Lingaraj Temple, the Konark Sun Temple and Khandagiri Caves are the famous monuments here that make it a must visit destination.

West Bengal
It is the state from which produces intellectual people like poets and writers. Durga Puja is the most awaited festival here. Its traditional food is rice and fish. Famous spots to visit here include Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, and Belur Math. Besides, if you wish to take joy in hills, you can head to Darjeeling and enjoy a ride by toy train.

Unwind yourself at the enchanting spots of East India tourism!

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