Golden Temple

The Way to Sublime Peace
Golden Temple

A tangible place of spirituality, The Harmandir Sahab known commonly as The Golden Temple, is the holiest shrine for Sikhs. It is located in the vibrant city of Amritsar in Punjab. The aura of the temple connects the soul to the immense world of spirituality. People from different backgrounds come here to soak their body, mind and soul in the sacred feeling of devotion. The temple is ideally located in the middle of a lake offering it a stunning look. The enchanting music in the temple makes the surrounding divine and uplifts the spirits of the people listening to it.

Attractions of Golden Temple

Hari Mandir
An exquisite golden structure standing elegantly at the centre of the lake, Amrit Sarovar, is the major attraction of the Golden Temple complex. This astonishing gold plated building flaunts copper cupolas and white marble walls crafted with precious stones.

Dining Hall
Also known as Guru Ka Langar, is a huge hall where thousands of people irrespective of their status and caste are fed daily with the holy food made by the volunteers. People sit on the floor to taste the divine meal of the God.

Other Attractions
The magical way to the temple gives a glimpse of the spiritual tour that one is about to experience. The temple can be reached by following the Parikrama, circumscribing the sacred pool in clockwise manner. The magnificent silver doorway leads to the temple through a marble causeway known as Guru’s Bridge. The Central Sikh Museum showcasing different images and remembrance of Sikh Gurus and saints is fairly famous among the tourists. A lovely nightly ceremony called Palki Sahib gives a chance to the visitors to participate in the veneration of the Holy book.

How to Reach
Raja Sani International airport in Amritsar connects The Golden Temple with the rest of the country. An extensive rail network connects it well with the other states.

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