Kumbh Mela

Entrusting the Religious Belief!
Kumbh Mela

If you wish to witness the largest holy gathering on the earth, Kumbh Mela in India is the place to get in. The fair represents faith, devotion and belief that attract people from far and wide.
The world-famous fair of Kumbh or Kumbh Mela is an assemblage of Hindu devotees in which Hindus come together to take a dip in a sacred river believing in the power of faith. It serves as the perfect representation of faith that can lead to any core of belief. People from all around the world come bundled up to be a part of this religious fair that witnesses a huge congregation every year. Kumbha is a Sanskrit word that means ‘pitcher’, which is also referred to as the ‘Kalasha’. Hindu in India considers it as a way to get free from all the sins by bathing in the sacred river Ganga on this auspicious occasion.

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It is celebrated on the confluence or ‘Sangam’ of the pious rivers. According to the Hindu belief, the ‘Sangam’ is the best place to attain ‘Moksha’ or Salvation which means to get freedom from the infinite cycle of life and death. The Maha Kumbh Mela symbolizes attainment of 'Nirvana' or 'Moksha'.

Kumbh Mela is acclaimed as the site of the observance whirling between four pilgrimage sites on the sacred rivers at Haridwar on the Ganges River, at Nasik on the Godavari, at Ujjain on the Shipra and at Allahabad on the conflux of the Ganges, Yamuna and Sarasvati. It gives us the wonderful opportunity to purify our soul by taking a dip in the holy river.

Kumbh Mela

There are different legends behind the Kumbh Mela. It is said that in the mythological times, a waging war between the demons and the demigods took place for the possession of elixir of eternal life. In the process, a few drops of the elixir had fallen on to the various four places. These four places are known as Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain and Nasik. It is believed that the drops contributed mystical powers to these places.

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The normal Kumbh Mela is held after every 3 years; the Ardh (half) Kumbh Mela takes place after 6 years at Allahabad (Prayag) and at Haridwar. The Purna Kumbh Mela is held after every 12 years at four cities Haridwar, Nashik, Ujjain and Prayag (Allahabad).

The significance of the Hindu festival is best explored in its various forms. People from all the corners of the world gather under the same religious umbrella and make the event successful. Hermits, Naga, Yogis, and Sages perform the rituals by bathing in the pious river of Ganga. The outcome is the huge exhibition of spiritual power that can be experienced at its best. People from European countries also come to be a part of the age-old holy gathering.

Mahakumbh means a huge pitcher which represents completeness. In the past, all the hermits, who felt themselves complete and contended, used to gather at Kumbh Mela. It was the time when people relieve themselves of the strain of the merits gained through Sadhna by bathing in the rivers. Water has always been known for its quality to absorb and similarly, it used to absorb the energy they radiate. The spiritual seekers, arriving from all corners to accompany the saints, also gain that merit while taking a dip in the rivers. The venue for Kumbh Mela is decided on the basis of the position of the Sun, Moon and Jupitor which hold in that period in various zodiac signs. The Maha Kumbh Mela is excitingly celebrated at Prayag after 144 years.

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Move towards a heavenly realm of ‘Nirvana’ with Kumbh Mela!

Kumbh Mela

Witness the largest religious gathering of Kumbh Mela on the earth and wash away the sins. It is considered as one of the largest fairs in India that appeal people from all around the world.

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