Hemis Festival, Ladakh

Hemis Festival , Ladakh

Hemis Festival is one of the major attractions of Ladakh where tourists come to see Ladakh rich cultural heritage draped in vibrant colours. Hosted in the largest and richest Buddhist monastery in Ladakh, Hemis Gompa, the festival is a two day event celebrating the victory of good over evil. The festival falls on the 10th day of the Tibetian lunar month and is celebrated in honour of the founder of Tibetian Buddhism, Padmasambhava.

Visit this wonderful festival and watch the locals dressed beautifully in traditional attires; men donning cummerbunds and women flaunting lovely headgears along with the jewellery. Something special of this festival which leaves the onlookers mesmerized is the mask dance (known as Chaam) performed by the Lamas. The masks are vibrant and colourful just like the culture of Ladakh. The festival also offers several stalls where you can enjoy local food and buy exquisite handicrafts.

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