The Road to Enlightenment

Bodhgaya, the holy place for the followers of Buddhism, is situated in the Gaya district of Bihar. The glorious spiritual history and astounding architecture of the temples here attract tourists from all over the world. This place marks the hallowed ground where the prince Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment and came to be known as ‘Buddha’, meaning the awakened one. The obvious joy of Bodhgaya is the collection of elegant monasteries and temples, each offering visitors a golden opportunity to peek into aesthetic Buddhist culture.


The Mahabodhi Temple
This is one of the finest examples of Indian brickwork where people visit in search of serenity. The central tower rises high above the ground and is beautifully surrounded by four small towers. This, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment. Pilgrims and visitors from all walks of religions come to worship or just soak up the atmosphere of this sacred place. There’s a heavenly Meditation Park for those seeking peace of mind.

The Bodhi Tree
This is the most auspicious fig tree to adorn the earth, under which Prince Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism, achieved enlightenment. Pilgrims flock here in large numbers and attempt to achieve harmony within, and the tree is considered the most important of Buddhism’s four holiest sites.

Other Attractions
The magnificent statue of Buddha in the Chinese temple is 200 years old and was brought from China. Japan's stunning Nippon temple is shaped like a pagoda. The Thai temple has a beautifully curved roof covered majestically with golden tiles. Inside, the temple holds a huge bronze statue of Buddha. Adjacent to the Thai temple is 25 meter long statue of Buddha located within a comely garden. Other places like Lotus Tank, Buddha Kund, Rajayatana, Brahm Yoni, International Buddhist House and Archaeological Museum are worth visiting.

Beautiful woolens, handicrafts, Buddha statues, Tibetan style painting on silk and paper and sandalwood rosaries are pretty things to buy here.

How to Reach
This holy place is well connected to the rest of the country by air, rail and road. Bodhgaya International Airport is situated 7 km from Bodhgaya.

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